Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Something Wrong...

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A few passengers including Narayankutty remembered him sitting quietly on the back seat of the last bus to Chottanikara at 11.30 pm with a bowed head.  It was raining heavily from the pitch dark sky with some thunderbolts flashing incredibly. As the bus moved through lonesomeness, the engine failed for no reason and the battery went off. For a while the vehicle was immersed in utter darkness, and the moon hid behind the dark clouds. He raised his head and howled like a wolf. Everyone was terrified and when the engine started hissing again, he was found nowhere. They said he was possessed by a demon...

By 12.00 am or so Ramsingh, the Gurkha saw him walking slowly on the road in that heavy rain. He followed him silently, without knowing who he was. He entered the park and sat on the bench looking up towards the sky. Ramsingh couldn’t make out his face, but remembered his shiny cat eyes. When he howled again Ramsingh ran for his life.  Ramsingh died after two weeks of rabies. People remembered him, frothing at the mouth and barking at the sight of water...

Joseappan, the fisherman was the last one who saw him walking towards the house of Latha. Latha was a widow, who worked as nurse in the general hospital. She lived with her mentally retarded brother Unni in that house. But how her husband Venu died, was still a controversy among the villagers. The post-mortem report was also vague, as the animal with whose bite he died was unidentified. They only remembered seeing two deep canine marks on his neck.

He knocked on the door. Latha remembered hearing the same knock when her husband died. Unni woke up from his sleep and ran to open the door, as he smelt an aroma of food. Before Latha could stop him, Unni had already opened the door. He entered in...

The next day police identified the man with cat eyes as Vinu, the younger brother of Venu, who lay dead on the outskirts of the village. His blood was still fresh. As a usual part of the enquiry, Latha was also asked some questions. They didn’t disturb Unni. He was in the bedroom. As the cops left, Latha closed the door.

As Unni came running by, she saw a drop of blood on his cheeks. She held him violently and licked the drop and howled...

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  1. Rather intriguing... thanks for sharing!

  2. Sreedev, that's scary and very chilling! Nice one...I loved it :)

  3. the twist went well and the build up to the end also. Sreedev a perfectly executed story :)


  4. Ooo, blood. Thanks for a good story and for linking up.


  5. oh my god.. its so creepy.. and very well written.

  6. You should send your script to M. NightShyamalan, it was truly intriguing and I am sure a nice thriller movie could pop out of your pen.

    1. Thank You..But isn't that a bit tooooo much!...huh

  7. great man brilliant story, i want to more stories....
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  8. Eerie indeed!
    Well written Sreedev :)
    The end was very well executed.:D

  9. Oh my!! So scary...loved the twist in the end!

  10. Arrey baap rey...that kept me glued till the end..wonderful !



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