Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sonnet: A Delhian Reminiscence...

Hearing Thy Cravings For My Spirit,
Felt The Vibrance Of The Connaught
My Southern Years Couldn’t Denote
Smell Of That Lodhi Garden’s Merit.

Patriotism Saluted The Red, I Inherit,
Touched By What The Jantar Connote
On King’s Way, Mind Walked Remote
Eyed The Glory, Like A Hunting Ferret.

Frozen Mornings At The Country Gate  
Marketed By The Old Moonlit Square
Tasted The Chaats, Prickling The Buds
Oh! The Luminous Nights, Here I Await
For White Lotus Who Prays To The Choir,
Forest Of Peace, Where Nostalgia Floods.

This sonnet set in Petrarchan rhyme scheme (ABBA ABBA CDECDE) is in response to Writer's Bloc "Nostalgia" (  

Monday, 17 June 2013

Sonnet:1-Moments With Thee

Was Deserted In The Island Of Errors
As You Signed My Memories With Blood,
Salty Tears Of Winter Beckoned Terrors,
But I Was Aloof Of The Impending Flood.

Drenched My Soul With Piercing Glances
As I Gathered The Strewn Petals Of Rose,
Realized! Mere Shunning, Too Enhances,
Deadly Hymns, My Violin Can’t Compose.

Now Playing A Jester, In the Circus Of Life
Cursed To Exist With Just A Single Emotion,
Never Ever Tried To Settle Down The Strife,
Where Identity Is My Ego’s Gifted Demotion.

Still Cherishing Those Moments With Thee
Now The Only Buoyancy, Now The Only Lee...

This is in response to IBL 2013. My entry under Poetry 2: Sonnet. ( This is a Shakespearean sonnet following the rhyme scheme ABAB CDCD EFEF GG

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Muse Of The Aphrodite

Shall I Evoke The Muse Of The Aphrodite,
To Quench My Soul Tasting The Nectar Love
As I Lay Open On The Sand Dunes Of Venus
Puffing Away The Hookah Filled With Mirages,
The Tall Dark Sky Rained The Voluptuous Night,
On The Sly, Earth Greened In A Fire Fly’s Glow,
Where Stars Courted & The Virgin Moon Dated,
I Smelt The Ashes Of Ten Thousand Rose Petals,
In The Air Of Taj, With An Antique Kingly Touch,
Blindly Saw The Misty By lanes To Heaven, As I,
Heard Her Footsteps, At My Corridor, I Felt Thee…

This poem is in response to the IBL 2013.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Lazy Writer...

It was on rainy 06.06.2013 afternoon, that Ishithaa, dragged me to writetribe and pushed me to “Why I Write”. At first I wanted to deny, but that would have shattered all her enthusiasm. So I promised her that I will...

Now its 4.15 pm, so here I begin my writing...

“Usually I am very lazy at lettering, but it’s a fact that writing always makes me free of my thoughts and feelings. I always try to be impersonal through my words, but the closest of my friends can just sneak out a glimpse of my personality in a bare form. I believe that, I am not gifted with that instant imagining mechanism, which catalyzes the writing process, and hence feel handicapped at times when I can’t scribble constantly. What made me write on this particular subject is the compulsion from Ishithaa, one my rare friends who writes. I was never a serious writer (nor am I now), & prefer poems, as it helps to upkeep the much needed brevity. Actually it was my wife Parvathy, who ignited the writing spirit in me at first (as you see most of my creations will be dedicated to her), & Ishithaa always boosted it up. But my first phase as a writer was rather unsuccessful which I owe myself, and I owe my second phase to Parvathy & Ishithaa, but I can’t assure the success rate.” 

“Writing is yet another good means of being popular, but my writings usually hovered around criticizing the societal norms and unusual romance, which might have prevented me from inspiring and influencing a big mass, or maybe I never wanted to be popular through my writings (chuckle). ... (I am stopping...for the time being).  Its 5.30pm!”
It’s after 4 more days, on 11.06.2013 that I am continuing...


“The constant questioning from Parvathy that whether I blogged anything new, and on the other hand Ishithaa was driving my nerves, reminding me of my promise, that has led me to write again.

Whenever I wanted to be a serious writer, I have turned up being more of a philosopher and paved the way for arguments.  So writing has not only made me notorious among the elite bloggers, but it also helped me in being honest and to express myself in a more profound manner.  But beneath all this the question still lingers around...  “Why I Write” which I should say that keyboarding  letters into Microsoft Word 2007, has always helped me in understanding myself better...”

Pardon me if this is an abrupt ending, but I think my conscience is pleading me to stop...


Now as I show it to Ishithaa, her immediate response will be ...guess what.... another promise from me, to write on a linky, which she will be launching soon... (Exhausted)

Lazy Me!

This prompt is in response to WriteTribe prompt and also in response to the Thursday bloghop #80 at the Writer’s Post.

Monday, 3 June 2013

She Left In The Rain...

She Left In The Rain Without My Umbrella
Creating A Deep Negated Space In My Spirits,
The Miles I Covered Still Lay Green In History,
But Her Smile Was Still Throbbing Somewhere,
As Her Eyes Mused A Hymn To Soothe My Brain,
I Walked Alone, Enjoying Life’s Pungent Sarcasms,
& Nature Being That Unpaid Event Manager, Had
Already Set The Aura Of An Utopian Melancholy,
Making Me Appreciate, That Even 2 Months Skip,
Faster Than The Sound Waves, & As Her Distant
Voice Drenched Me Then, Night Stayed Boisterous,
& Dawn Left My Reveries As Unanswered Soliloquies,
& I Wait With Anticipation, For That Next Friday Evening...