Friday, 22 March 2013

Through WoMen...

On Women & Women's Movements

Gone are the Indian culturally ideological days of “Pati Parmeshwars” and equally probable philosophy of “Sati Savitris”. It is rather ironically true that the developing nation has built its strong foundation on the atrocities of women folk, but the evolution has always been misleading. The society was generous enough to accept the equality stance, in each and every womanly aspect, yet education has played a great deal in the uplift, but was the outcome worthy enough, is yet to be pored over. Here a jobless woman, though being educated, confines herself to a two lettered word “House Wife”, which can be further derogatory when it tends towards an abbreviation of SAHM. The educated folk have a tendency to believe the condition has occurred due to a patriarchal anarchy.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Unless & Until... She

Never Felt My Name So Handsome
Unless & Until, It was Carved & Ringed
On Her Lean Lovely Finger...
The Glass Always Mirrored
A Disorderly Figure Of Incompleteness
Unless & Until, She Stood Beside...
Hands Were Never So Courageous,
Unless & Until, I Tied Her In A Knot...
Confinement Was Never So Enjoyable
Unless & Until It Had A Tinge Of Her Possessiveness...
Even Poetry Was Not This Habitual
Unless & Until She Goaded The Literature In Me...
Life Never Had A Solid & Clear Meaning,
Unless & Until, She Bought The Dictionary Of Happiness...

Marriage Is Beautiful...

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

But I was In Love...

Her Smile Was An Indian Trumpet
Knocking At My Banal Mind
But Lacked The Essential Lucidity,
Just Like A Pic Of The Taj,
Taken With My Mob’s VGA Cam...

The Rain Was Still Nastily Drowsy
Keeping Me @ Just 100 Degree
Under My Grandpa’s Dusty Blanket.
Violin Was Still Another Musical Instrument,
My Night Snores Still Challenged The Croaks,
Rose Was Still That Red Thorny Flower
White Doves Were Shitty Enough For My Yamaha RX
I Never Dreamt Of Butterflies And,
My Heart Always Had Arteries & Veins...
But I was In Love...