Thursday, 30 May 2013

Trifled Memoirs...

Collecting Trivialities, Has Become Habitual,
May I End Up With A Domicile Full Of Trifles,
As I Cherish Them, Call Me Schizophrenic They,
Pebbles, Flints, Shells, Cards, Gifts, Toys, Pens,
Sometimes Make My World Lively & Strident,
Articulation Of The Inertness, Keeps Me Rapt,
As They Craft A Handsome Rainbow Around Me,
The Doodles Of The Past, That Desiccated Flower
Between The Pages, That Virgin Peacock Feather,
Those Dog-Eared Books, & Washed Out Letters,
Might Have A Forgotten Ballad To Recite Again,
Usually My Solitude Gets Anxious By Whispering
Marble Pieces, Listening To My Chocolate Wrappers,
As They Unwrap Another Set Of Age-Old Memoirs...   

Monday, 27 May 2013

A Fortunate Waiting...

Being Too Honest Is An Utter Offence,
But Efficacies Always Get Bribed By Them,
Where Bureaucrats Play Dumb Charades,
Public’s Sciolism Generates Titanic Business.
Democracy When Squelches The Second Sex,
Communal Aphorisms Wink At The Manfulness,
& Blind Judiciary Lags Behind Yama’s Stopwatch.
When Culture & Custom Whispered Death Sentence,
Religion & Education Became Another Good Profession.
Now Bundle Of Gandhi’s Can Buy Love & Motherhood,
& Respect Gets Biased To Mere Supremacy & Reputation.
Amidst All, Where I Struggle To Embody A Ray Of Hope,
I Still Pray & Wait For That Innocent Chuckle To Happen...

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Stitched In Black!

The Insomniac Shallow Eyes, Keen
Enough To Dribble Out The Lawmen,
Moving Hands In Customary Fashion,
Before & After Every Portly Pockets.
Puny Arms Were Scorned With Pride,
By The Mucky Nostrils & Grimy Faces.
Unhealed Cuts Seized Some Sympathy.
The Dusty Golden Hairs & The Tattered
Attires Were Not Trendy Enough, To
Convince, The Hunger Learned Bellies,
But Crisis Of Self-hood, Invited Molesters,
To Please Their Senses Or To Gift, World
With Another Filthy Basket Of Bastards.
Holding The Fortunes Of A Sweaty Day,
The Smiles Waded Into The Darkness,
As If Their Lives Were Stitched In Black!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Mizzles Of Yesterday

Life Seems To Have Shed Its Unusual Surprises, As
Time Needles Turned Monotonous & Predictable,
& Even Dimples Have Been Roofed By The Pimples.
Cramped To Religion, Work, Food & Love Making,
It’s Just Another Cabaret Performed By Freaky Soul.
Edifices Are Being Planted & Watered Everyday &
Computer Language Has Become A National Idiom.
The Dumb Planet Just Chats, But Cease To Converse,
Where Science Has Become Cancerous To All Species
Amidst All, I Wish To Be That Grasshopper Under That,
White Mushroom, Enjoying The Mizzles Of Yesterday. 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Again Being Her...

I Blinked Open To His Disgruntled Face,
My Dad, & To The Planet, I Was Ill-Favored
The Dowry Lines  On His Temple Deepened,
As I Grew An Year Old, & Sustained To Grow.
Orthodox Classes Of Time Management Were
Taught, When Elder Bro Was Licking Lollipops,
Divine Household Duties & Education Secondary.
Grave Childhood Was Indeed A Narrow Escape
Through Mom’s Superstitions & Societal Traditions.
My Puberty Spots Reminded Me To Pose Matured,
But Development Of My Privates Tempted Their Inners.
The Lusty Eyes On The Road & Yesterday’s Newspapers
Made Me Scan Even The Touches Of My Dad & Brother
My Liking For That Classmate Was Still In A Budding Stage,
& Soon I Lay Bare Beside That Unknown Aged Rustic Man,
Over Years My Vomiting Only Had One Meaning  For Them,
& There I Gave Birth Again To Her, Pedalling My Own Cycle...

Friday, 17 May 2013

On Night...

Voluptuous & Perilous
The Frosty Misty Night
As Seen By A Poet
& A Layman Then,
For Nocturnal Beings,
It’s Yet Another Sunlit Day.
The Star Dots, Flattering Moon,
On A Black Panorama,
Reminiscences Romantic
Dual Coloured Movies Of 70’s.
Synonymous To Sleep & Omen,
She Wakes Up To A New Dawn
Even The Rooster Never Forgets
To Shed The Dark & To Crow.
As I Ride Through Like A Highwayman,
My Ear Drums Couldn’t  Miss Them,
The Locusts & The Frogs Competing
To Be Nature’s Best Music-Composers...