KookyDom Exposed

KookyDom is an arena where you will be expressing yourself in the utmost raw form and hence tends to be kooky.  It is a totally new genre which can be a mixture of Donne’s Metaphysics and at the same time follows the Wordsworthian ideology; “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings”.  The genre also questions the ideology as when something is spontaneous how can it bear a form. So here you may not find a title for the scribbling or a metre or a usual form.  Here the writings can either be personal or in disguise or completely biographical. The labels will guide you on the same. It clearly discards I.A Richard’s “Formalistic perspective” and also T.S Eliot’s “Impersonality Of Art” & hails the notion of Free Verse, where the use of Upper Case Formats in between the sentences are intentionally not corrected to expose the raw mind of the writer to the readers. It also believes that titling a piece of literature is confining the rich ideology to a mere sentence or so. It enjoys in hiding the idea and lets the reader explore it by themselves, but, here titling is used purposefully to avoid the hardship in navigation.  


  1. hmmm.. would you tell me to what extend my poems would fit in to this genre?? i'm just curious...

    1. Hi Vishu, sorry to reply late, I found your blog interesting and happy to say that it fits the genre of Kookydom...


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