Thursday, 30 May 2013

Trifled Memoirs...

Collecting Trivialities, Has Become Habitual,
May I End Up With A Domicile Full Of Trifles,
As I Cherish Them, Call Me Schizophrenic They,
Pebbles, Flints, Shells, Cards, Gifts, Toys, Pens,
Sometimes Make My World Lively & Strident,
Articulation Of The Inertness, Keeps Me Rapt,
As They Craft A Handsome Rainbow Around Me,
The Doodles Of The Past, That Desiccated Flower
Between The Pages, That Virgin Peacock Feather,
Those Dog-Eared Books, & Washed Out Letters,
Might Have A Forgotten Ballad To Recite Again,
Usually My Solitude Gets Anxious By Whispering
Marble Pieces, Listening To My Chocolate Wrappers,
As They Unwrap Another Set Of Age-Old Memoirs...   


  1. Memories..are always nice whether good or bad...Nice Read

  2. memories ... well the moments that have passed by are nothing but recollections coming out of old snaps .. forgotten pens ... scribbled diaries and what not ..
    you anyways have become one of my favourite poet off late !
    Depth of thoughts in your verses are worth praises unfinite. keep stitching lines so lovely .. :)

    1. Thanks a lot for the encouragement...

  3.'s the trivial or sometimes the bizarre things which remind us of our Sweet and sour memories...good one...!!!

  4. Thats one of your best and beautiful, loved it, as I love keeping trifles myself.
    Nice read.

  5. Really true...memories are always precious...although we may not appreciate it at that time and later on, we do.

    1. Yeah that's true Pankti...we often cherish memories...

  6. Nicely and aptly penned....Weird things can actually trigger memories...I have my kids first scribbles....his first chocolate wrapper, first invite from his school, his 1st HW...etc etc...and even now whenever I get hold of them....i get lost in good old days :-)

    1. Thank You...Just exactly what I wanted to convey...

  7. Memories are nothing but beautiful moments within us refusing to die. A faint smell, a shade of a colour, a tinted sunrise.bring back so many memories. Those lines were awe inspiring, Thanks Sreedev.

  8. Sometimes an article of limited words impacts more. Nicely scribbled. Reminiscing, Those are the days we always wanna get back:)



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