Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My Psyche Is Not Luck's Playmate...

I Can Hear My Dreams Being Crushed
Filling My Lap With Pieces Of Darkness.
I Don’t Call It The Almighty’s Betrayal
& Abstain From Calling It My Fate Either.
I May Rebuild My Broken Box Of Reveries
& Cherish It across The Sunny Rainbow Sky.
But My Brain Has Divorced My Mind It Seems,
Which Has Remarried My Heart & Is Now
Immensely Drunk In Utter Hallucinations.
Time Is Still Young & I Have To Regain
All Those Lost Something’s, Since I Can’t
Allow My Psyche To Be A Playmate Of Luck...


  1. Very beautifully written..
    Loved the first two lines and the last three lines,
    and the way the tone has become positive in the end! :)

  2. Thanks a Lot Kislaya...its always good to end everything in a positive tone...somehow the show must go on

  3. Oh my god...very deep thoughts...tale of a totally perplexed mind, who decides to come back again with a fresh beginning.

  4. Beautiful indeed... You have got a gift of writing..


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