Monday, 3 June 2013

She Left In The Rain...

She Left In The Rain Without My Umbrella
Creating A Deep Negated Space In My Spirits,
The Miles I Covered Still Lay Green In History,
But Her Smile Was Still Throbbing Somewhere,
As Her Eyes Mused A Hymn To Soothe My Brain,
I Walked Alone, Enjoying Life’s Pungent Sarcasms,
& Nature Being That Unpaid Event Manager, Had
Already Set The Aura Of An Utopian Melancholy,
Making Me Appreciate, That Even 2 Months Skip,
Faster Than The Sound Waves, & As Her Distant
Voice Drenched Me Then, Night Stayed Boisterous,
& Dawn Left My Reveries As Unanswered Soliloquies,
& I Wait With Anticipation, For That Next Friday Evening...


  1. Nice Poem. I liked how you called the nature the unpaid event manager :)

  2. Nice write.Like the words: nature, the super event manager

  3. Good One! Anticipation is gd in luv :)

  4. Beautifully portrayed feelings are always a bliss to read ! nice work Sreedev !

  5. Wonderful poem. the very opening line is arresting.

  6. Hi Sreedev,

    I really enjoy reading your blog, and award you the Liebster award for your thoughtful and original poems.

    You can collect it here

    Congratulations, and make sure you have all the elements in your post when you tell the world about the award!

  7. Nice poem with wonderful words :)


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