Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Mizzles Of Yesterday

Life Seems To Have Shed Its Unusual Surprises, As
Time Needles Turned Monotonous & Predictable,
& Even Dimples Have Been Roofed By The Pimples.
Cramped To Religion, Work, Food & Love Making,
It’s Just Another Cabaret Performed By Freaky Soul.
Edifices Are Being Planted & Watered Everyday &
Computer Language Has Become A National Idiom.
The Dumb Planet Just Chats, But Cease To Converse,
Where Science Has Become Cancerous To All Species
Amidst All, I Wish To Be That Grasshopper Under That,
White Mushroom, Enjoying The Mizzles Of Yesterday. 


  1. Very thoughtful composition, how we miss the simpler days.

    & even the dimples have been roofed by pimples.... liked this line

  2. Very precisely put. We all chat but cease to converse...how apt!

  3. I am your fan . Your poems are very inspirational .


  4. Interesting post, loved the analogy- Science and cancer and Chat- Conversation

  5. Very aptly described the negatives of today's world...and your last line or the punch line is as impressive as your poem..."I wish to be the grasshopper..."

  6. The best part :
    "The Dumb Planet Chats, But Cease to Converse"

    Amazing Poem Sreedav !!


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