Monday, 13 May 2013

Full Of Nothing...

At Times Liveliness Withers Away From Life
Like A Faded Album of Beautiful Memories &
I Smell A Disturbing Boredom In Each Nook & Corner
Where I Try To Yawn Away The Vagueness, But
Then Laziness Starts Creeping In My Veins Like Toxin.
Works Have Deserted Me Long Back, It Seems &
Time Always Drags Alive, Even I Try To Kill, But
Gradually Beliefs Strangles My Last Bit Of Courage &
I Stay Naked, As The Island’s Lonely Man, Full Of Nothing.
I Wonder How The Corpse Rest In Peace, Because
At Times Too Much Of Peace Is Not That Peaceful...


  1. wow !! wonderful thought ... too much of peace is indeed not peaceful .. but only when we have had a restless life behind ... I feel !!
    I loved every bit of your awesome lines Sreedev!!

    1. Thanks a fact you are needs a restless life behind...

  2. i liked the last line - i wonder how corpses rest in piece...good one..:)

  3. You left me pondering... Wonderful you are in your writings.. I am a fan. :)


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