Thursday, 23 May 2013

Stitched In Black!

The Insomniac Shallow Eyes, Keen
Enough To Dribble Out The Lawmen,
Moving Hands In Customary Fashion,
Before & After Every Portly Pockets.
Puny Arms Were Scorned With Pride,
By The Mucky Nostrils & Grimy Faces.
Unhealed Cuts Seized Some Sympathy.
The Dusty Golden Hairs & The Tattered
Attires Were Not Trendy Enough, To
Convince, The Hunger Learned Bellies,
But Crisis Of Self-hood, Invited Molesters,
To Please Their Senses Or To Gift, World
With Another Filthy Basket Of Bastards.
Holding The Fortunes Of A Sweaty Day,
The Smiles Waded Into The Darkness,
As If Their Lives Were Stitched In Black!


  1. wow! the plight of a molested woman (especially underprivileged) has been depicted so beautifully. Every word emoted the stand so well :) lovely!


  2. my appreciation goes even further! you have won a leibster award :) :)

    You can pick it up here:

    Happy blogging :)

    1. Thank You Richa...I am happy that the creation has been acknowledged and appreciated but further was happy to realize that it can be interpreted through different angles. Actually when I wrote this, I had the poor children in my mind, begging on the railway platforms, hiding themselves from the cops, and their molestation rather gets unknown...but when I read the same through your seemed apt one too.

  3. Holding the fortunes of a sweaty day,
    The smiles waded into the darkness
    As if their lives were stitched in black!

    So beautifully sums up the life of the street kids.

  4. Very Nicely Written...Great Work

  5. Very Nicely written..Great Work

  6. Wow. Every poem of yours is simply great.
    I like the way you have woven the ocean-like words... :)

    keep inspiring.

  7. Excellent piece! Writing a poetic verse is a lot more difficult than an article. u've expressed a poor woman's plight really well.

  8. Im very lazy when it comes to comment but i loved the dark words and felt them.

  9. Love your works. Passing on an award to you. Please collect it here. Happy blogging!

  10. Well described with fine words :)

  11. Haha hello Sreedev Etta. I found you because you promoted one of my posts on Indivine. I had no idea you blogged. If you are married to my cousin Parvathy Sreedev then you are who I think you are. :D Check out my own blog and let me know if you like it ;) Dont tell my cousin I blog. I am supposed to be anonymous :P

    1. Hey dude...I am the caught me right...But I am not a dedicated blogger...I had one blog earlier...but left it long back...I started this new blog very recently...I have been through your blog earlier seemed to be a serious blogger though...keep writing..good job.


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