Friday, 17 May 2013

On Night...

Voluptuous & Perilous
The Frosty Misty Night
As Seen By A Poet
& A Layman Then,
For Nocturnal Beings,
It’s Yet Another Sunlit Day.
The Star Dots, Flattering Moon,
On A Black Panorama,
Reminiscences Romantic
Dual Coloured Movies Of 70’s.
Synonymous To Sleep & Omen,
She Wakes Up To A New Dawn
Even The Rooster Never Forgets
To Shed The Dark & To Crow.
As I Ride Through Like A Highwayman,
My Ear Drums Couldn’t  Miss Them,
The Locusts & The Frogs Competing
To Be Nature’s Best Music-Composers...


  1. I wonder why poets are night ventures...i suppose they can feel their senses up to it's peak only when it's full moon as they could see things under the silvery lights like as if they are gearing up for some black magic with their poetry...!!!

  2. ohhh how lovely is the rhyming and the rhythm. Quite create a picture of the night :) beautifully written..


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