Thursday, 13 June 2013

Muse Of The Aphrodite

Shall I Evoke The Muse Of The Aphrodite,
To Quench My Soul Tasting The Nectar Love
As I Lay Open On The Sand Dunes Of Venus
Puffing Away The Hookah Filled With Mirages,
The Tall Dark Sky Rained The Voluptuous Night,
On The Sly, Earth Greened In A Fire Fly’s Glow,
Where Stars Courted & The Virgin Moon Dated,
I Smelt The Ashes Of Ten Thousand Rose Petals,
In The Air Of Taj, With An Antique Kingly Touch,
Blindly Saw The Misty By lanes To Heaven, As I,
Heard Her Footsteps, At My Corridor, I Felt Thee…

This poem is in response to the IBL 2013.


  1. Beautiful composition :)
    Keep it going :D
    Will stalk your blog regularly :D

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    1. Hi Gopu, If my blog helps you to get justice, I will be blessed.

  3. How and what is the muse of Aphrodite? She herself can certainly be a muse, but a muse, for Her?
    Secondly, I hope you're referring to the planet Venus.

    1. Hi, wow that was brilliant to ask Brendan. Well see, you can refer the sentence in two ways...its not Aphrodite's Muse but it refers to the Muse we have of the Aphrodite...also Venus here is depicted as both God (Aphrodite's Roman Equivalent), and also as the planet...The poem is an invocation to the Aphrodite, five senses and pancha bhootas...

  4. Nice composition. Wonderful weave of words. Like this line :' the Hookah Filled with Mirages.'

  5. WOW! Beautiful! I could visualize the magic :)


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