Monday, 17 June 2013

Sonnet:1-Moments With Thee

Was Deserted In The Island Of Errors
As You Signed My Memories With Blood,
Salty Tears Of Winter Beckoned Terrors,
But I Was Aloof Of The Impending Flood.

Drenched My Soul With Piercing Glances
As I Gathered The Strewn Petals Of Rose,
Realized! Mere Shunning, Too Enhances,
Deadly Hymns, My Violin Can’t Compose.

Now Playing A Jester, In the Circus Of Life
Cursed To Exist With Just A Single Emotion,
Never Ever Tried To Settle Down The Strife,
Where Identity Is My Ego’s Gifted Demotion.

Still Cherishing Those Moments With Thee
Now The Only Buoyancy, Now The Only Lee...

This is in response to IBL 2013. My entry under Poetry 2: Sonnet. ( This is a Shakespearean sonnet following the rhyme scheme ABAB CDCD EFEF GG


  1. Your Poem as always a delight to read..

  2. Sreedev ... Simply beautiful ...

  3. Sreedev .. marvelous write up ...

  4. A beautiful poem enriched with your style of writing.

  5. Very well expressed...

  6. Nice poem Sreedev enjoyed it thoroughly

  7. intersting to see how you have beautifully aligned words and followed the rhyme scheme ABAB..

    You poems are always deep. I would be honest..i read this poem twice to get the complete meaning and underlying emotions. It was a delight truly.
    Great talent sreedev.

  8. Thee Reminded me of school days when I read Shakespeare.


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