Friday, 13 September 2013

That Unexpected Phone Call...

I got a call from him yesterday at around 9.00 pm.  Seeing the anonymous number I never expected it to be him. Usually I am a guy, who only gets a call when one of my friends will be in need of something.  It might be because I have always been the same way and never thought of changing myself. He talked to me a lot, about his new organization, his new bike and about going to his native land during the Onam vacation. Though I was happy and surprised, my eyebrows were still raised, expecting a question of help. But he went on and on and ended altruistically. I felt sorry for not saving his number in my phone-book before. I never believed in maintaining relationships with friends. But that call made me realize something inexplicably new.

Sometimes it just takes the most trivial thing in this world, like a phone call to move somebody.  It’s always good to know that there are still some selfless people around and somebody in some unknown corner of this world still likes you...


  1. Though in todays world, the ideology behind friendship has completely changed, but it has not become extinct. I always like to welcome such people wholeheartedly. There are some, whom we always undermine, but later, when they are gone, we understand what they had been in our life...

    Its just like that sree and I am happy that you made me realize those feelings

  2. .......and its a nice feeling to know that somewhere someone stills likes and cares.

  3. So that would mean he left you a changed person? Or was the magic temporary?

    1. Magicians have never changed me...

    2. That is the magic in your kitty ;)

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  5. yeah.. sometimes , all it takes is a call.

  6. Nice feeling to know that someone still likes you.

  7. Well in the rush of leading life, we do miss out to see who are our true frieds


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