Thursday, 7 February 2013

I Am Neither A Feminist Nor A Male Chauvinist...

On gender agitation and societal imbalance.

What is wrong in saying that I live in a society, full of gender agitation.  It’s rather a tongue in cheek that the nation, Mother India, though named matriarchal, the administration and the ministry is patriarchal, and overall the law and order is biased on a matriarchal level. Thus we don’t follow a steady path, but a zigzag path superficially believed to be a straight one. Here in one of the most Woman Unsafe nations, the respective gender can be that powerful that they can allegedly bring the opposite gender before the jury box. There are ample exemplars to substantiate that anybody from the men folk can be beaten up by the mob or can be dragged so called legally, based on some petty grounds or false assertions (not always) imposed on them by the women folk. The reasons can extend from mere prejudices to utter revenge.

For a while, let me drag your attention to the scenario of a Public/Private transport bus, where 25% of the seats are reserved for women. Here I have been a witness to the disunity of the women folk. Once all the seats are occupied, woman being pregnant, carrying babies, or be a weak senior citizen, can’t expect a woman to offer her a seat (not always), here the men folk will be taken for granted to act Manly and be generous. Also many at times a single woman will be occupying the general seat, provided the reserved seats are vacant and will deny moving, and sometimes even won’t allow the opposite gender to be seated beside. The men folk will rather hesitate to argue with that astonishing glare and reluctance. This unjustifiable act especially by the middle-aged followed by the youngsters degrades the morality in our culture. Imagine this happens in one of the most literate states of India, Kerala, where women population outnumbers the men.       

So is the nation hazardous for woman or is it Womanly Hazardous or is the law beyond being blind is also crippled?

On the other hand, it is also achingly true that the men folk enjoy each and every gasp of the society, apparently being the Eternal Virgins of the planet. Even today in many dryly civilized societal stratum  the women folk are denied education and are mentally trained to be a mere wife at home, which constitutes conceiving and rearing a child too. The sex-selective infanticide is also not uncommon in these developing days of our country. The Indian women comparatively seem to be more stoically framed, tending to have more life expectancy. To an extent, the fundamental rights have been denied to them by the men folk. Just like, if they can’t move freely as soon as the sun sets, the blame has to be on the men folk, who benefit of being Bodily Stronger. Women as a gender, has always been allocated a crown of a weaker sex irrespective of the field. It is rather pathetic, as we can just finger count the number of women Minsters, Chief Ministers, MPs, Prime Ministers and Presidents, we had and we have. It is not just a folk- tale of India, but the world as a whole. Since history has witnessed their administrative powers, for that sake, they are either hailed as a queen or a president of a nation, devoid of their supervisory powers.

When we Indians presumably claim that Art forms are womanly biased, the biggest medium Cinema, synonymous to Bollywood in India and for the rest it’s Hollywood, is patriarchal in all respects. There have always been Hero worshippers and never Heroine worshippers, and if so, then that too will be limited and hence negligible. Hope literature as a whole can be justified in this regard. Even the abusive words we use, if analysed have some connotations to the women folk. But then the coin has another flip side too. Abusive words are used to agitate, and if the men folk get agitated with those, it indirectly means that they respect the women folk. Thus the society is entangled and is getting strangled with YESs & the NOs of both the genders.

The suffocation was more on the women side and hence the movement of Feminism was formed, which stood beside women to acquire equal rights with the men folk. But today the same movement has been degraded of all its essence and has been deformed into a stage which is catalysing the agitation to another level of destruction. Today Feminism in itself is complete and has no opposite; even Male Chauvinism can’t be a good matching pugilist. For the society one who supports woman is a Feminist, which is an utter malignant notion to have. Today in reality, Feminism to society is what plastic is to Earth. Now it doesn’t stand for equality, but needs an upper hand, but still if it is fighting for equality, then why does it, in addition, wrestle & tussle for the so called Reservations. By doing so are they not admitting that they are not equal to the men folk? For a woman typically an Indian woman, their job is 24x7, irrespective of what role they play, being a home maker or an office lady; it’s the same and is highly respectable indeed, above all being the Godly Gifted Reproducers they are. So if we take the argument on the level of perseverance, then the whole men folk have to re-born.

So there lies an impeccable agitation between the genders, which leads to the societal imbalance and is overflown in diversity. Women in power, becoming extravagant and men harassing woman, when got a chance, has its root in the denial of the mutual respect and status among both the genders. Denials give birth to aggravations. Harassments in any sort are never enjoyed by either of the genders, even the harasser. Diplomacy can be adopted but it only curbs but never cures. Education and culture has much to do in this regard, which when imparted unconditionally, like love, can bring even law in order and the society in equilibrium. Now I know why I haven’t seen a Transgender forlorn ever… 


  1. A well-balanced post, almost an essay. I like your mature conclusion. Equality is important, even if sometimes one gender has to be favored over the other, and then vice versa, for different issues have different victims. And only education and cultural awareness can bring about the maturity in people to graciously take a step back to let the other person achieve.

    1. Thank you...well its rare to see such sensible comments...and I am blessed for that. Usually people don't understand the intended meaning and go on commenting, considering it to be patriarchal. This was one of the post for which I was criticized a lot by a group in FB.


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