Wednesday, 30 January 2013

From A Frustrated Indian

Representation of Every Indian's Utter Frustration

Human might be perhaps the only animal on earth that can lie to himself and to his conscience, both consciously.  Sometimes it seems the 23 pair of chromosomes did inherit nothing and wasted their energy over 9 months to develop just a chunk of flesh and bones arranged in some atrocious fashion to function meticulously. We even tend to believe to have an extra organ called mind, which actually is the hypocritical brain of ours.  Man (pardon me, if I am generalizing the ostensible gender, it is just because overall the earth is patriarchal), throughout the history is busy at winding and unwinding rules and regulations just to yoke down, their own over kinetic mind. So to be precise, with and without the rational thinking capability, man is the dirtiest animal on earth.

Today we live in a country, which being an agricultural economy, is called to be a mixed economy, and is treading vehemently to become a capitalist economy. When each and every individual will have a means of survival, and that too independently, the economy will grow at a much multiple level, but as the ideology has an inclination towards Marxist economy, has just become another good reason of denial. The hierarchical occupation becomes extinct, the cities become crowded and more and more people remain unemployed.  Being over dependent on a country like US for our IT imports and exports and more for outsource, just gives the companies another fair and pseudo-justifiable reason  to cut-short the perks and the number of employees for a much hailed pseudo term called recession. It is rather ironical to think that does India depend on US or the actual scenario is vice-versa ...

From my childhood, I have been foretold, that I live in a nation which is diverse in all aspects but their lies an underneath unity. But pathetically I have realized that the ballad is just limited to the boundaries of the game of Cricket and the war with Pakistan, the enthusiasm further gets stratified when it’s IPL. Gandhism is just confined among the 15 national languages on a currency note and other equally prominent freedom fighters, great personalities, important days get tattooed on coins and stamps. A malignant variant of Gandhism is adopted by the political parties or individually only when the prices of commodities/fuel is hiked or will be just for personal gains, but here the ideology of non-violence is subdued. Here national holidays are just another Sunday for relaxing and picnicking and the people who are brimmed with patriotism just turn on their television and put Doordarshan. It’s rather sardonic that the soldiers secure the borders but fail to prevent the terrorists from entering the parliament or from roaming around in luxurious hotels; even there are societies who are just unsafe by their mere presence and struggle with the government to withdraw their forces.

Recently the newspapers made me aware why my nation is one of the most unsafe nations on earth for women folk. In the deed among the states, Kerala use to top the list, but I used to ignore the same thinking, as I thought it has to do something with literacy as more and more cases get registered here, might have been the parameter.  I don’t know how long the inhumane assault in the Capital and the judiciary’s decision to protect the culprits for 20 years safely from the mob, will steam the entire nation. What was taboo in our culture is now the flash news in the channels, and that makes me realize and admit the Hindi words BCs and MCs. I do fear, even at this moment of my writing, somewhere in some unknown corner a girl is molested or a bastard is born in India. 

As far as our culture is concerned, we are on a wild goose chase and nobody is aware where and for what we are hurrying fast, neither the corrupt and extravagant bureaucrats nor the blind judiciary. There is also a stratum which believes that corruption is directly proportional to development and that notion can’t be fully ignored. Even the terms like love and brotherhood has been cramped in monuments, mobile phones and more to the inches of a computer screen. 

Unlike other countries, in my nation everything can occur in a single day, festivals, accidents, corruptions, elections, murders, rapes, suicides, births, games, tour, pilgrimages, charity, films, gossips, work, family, sex and finally we Indians take a nap. Above the seven wonders actually the most wondrous is the human mind which is oxymoronic in nature, is culturally and religiously biased and is not at the same time, is political and yet apolitical, is positive and negative, and makes people think poles apart just some kilometers away divorced by imaginary land boundaries of earth. Amidst all this and more, the nation is producing a mundane progeny, which one day will not be able to identify even the national flag with that of Hungary, Niger, and Italy. But still we are developing...


  1. That's a nice and eloquent portrayal of the sorry state of affairs we are in today. I don't want to be a pessimist, hope something good will dawn on the country sooner than late.

    1. Thank you Sir, for the encouragement...and I too hope that our nation will dawn with a fresh and enlightening morning some day...


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