Friday, 22 March 2013

Through WoMen...

On Women & Women's Movements

Gone are the Indian culturally ideological days of “Pati Parmeshwars” and equally probable philosophy of “Sati Savitris”. It is rather ironically true that the developing nation has built its strong foundation on the atrocities of women folk, but the evolution has always been misleading. The society was generous enough to accept the equality stance, in each and every womanly aspect, yet education has played a great deal in the uplift, but was the outcome worthy enough, is yet to be pored over. Here a jobless woman, though being educated, confines herself to a two lettered word “House Wife”, which can be further derogatory when it tends towards an abbreviation of SAHM. The educated folk have a tendency to believe the condition has occurred due to a patriarchal anarchy.

The women folk seem to be on a wild goose chase or on a never ending odyssey, either against the society or against men. They have formed groups and movements and many women are being unnecessary victims, by joining, just for the sake. They want freedom, but by freedom if they meant a utopia, where a westernized Indian woman won’t be stared at by the men folk, then it is disgusting. This is not a matter of upbringing, or low level thoughts, but a matter of “used to” & “not used to”. Adopting unfit features from other culture is not called development. Even the term dowry is ostensibly linked with just the demanding by the men folk, but when it is offered by the woman’s family, it is their parental wish, or for the daughter’s financial security, though it is also called dowry but at a subdued level only. Woman or the associated members form norms and rules, which when followed by men, is called taboo, not culturally but socially. Woman should understand the physiological and biological differences, and hence it is worthless when a woman asks “If he can smoke and drink, why can’t I?”

If we keenly look out for the statistics, how many women’s movements in India have actually uplifted the women folk? How many candle light vigils were organised when a minor Dalit girl was raped on the outskirts of a village in Uttar Pradesh? How many women owned social media accounts from Bihar? There are more women in India who can just enjoy a tweet but can’t TWEET. Have any women’s movement ever thought of banning the unnecessary “Item Numbers”, paradoxically from a movie directed by a woman? Are they not degraded to the level of just ITEMS? Which women’s movement in India has ever given the courage to a woman/girl to speak TRUTH? Which women’s movement in Indian history has led a woman in getting JUSTICE? Here the movements are either upper biased or confined to a social media where 3/4th of the members are hypocritically diplomats and don’t comment either. We don’t understand the motto behind such movements, which gets boosted up only when, men are being stoned.

Censuses have shown that most women like and enjoy being under men, where they are pampered, loved and given security. They too expect their dream man to have the same characteristics. Men too appreciate to have a woman who can be their second mother and a good cook too. Both of them together run the family. Men and women are not wrestlers but each has their own distinctive part to play in life and society. Hence there is no question of equality. It will be just like asking who is a better sports person, Sachin Tendulkar or P.T Usha.


  1. Common buddy...once again analyse your thoughts. It is no crime if a woman wants to be pampered by a man. It is no crime if she wants to be second mother and good cook. I love being one. But things get complicated when you feel that men have to equality to women which shows that men are the superior creature. Both men and women are complimentary. A men alone cannot procreate without the help of women and vice versa. About women activists, the truth is simple. There are two sides to coins. If there is only one side, world would have been a better place....:D

    1. Dear Shalet...thank you for the comment...I meant no crime...In fact I do share your own thoughts but wrote it in a twisted way...both have their own way of living...and both together create a harmony.

    2. Both of you my dear friends are correct about your opinions. But the real problem starts when a non-compatible couple strive for their own worth and ultimately ignite a war among themselves as well as the people, friends and relatives around them. This war ultimately grows over until any one of them is suppressed. Here the suppression game has been won by the women and the men being the suppressed are striving for their rights and lives.

      The men are being butchered in every field of life. The woman's tears are their most lethal weapons and they are ultimately able to make use of it very well. When double the amount of men commit suicide then women,there is definitely some substance which should be brought into consideration. It's not just the law of nature that for one woman two men should die. Something is fishy and that should be looked upon. Whatever the situations in the society be, I CANNOT ALLOW ANYONE TO CUT MY THROAT RIGHT.

      When you speak of equality then why do u need reservation (a biasedness not equality), still reservations are given in education and jobs as well, then why alimony (again biasedness not equality). Being a man I was given good education by my parents, similarly a girl is also given good education, now if i can compete for a job definitely she also can, if i can earn then definitely she can as well, now if both of us get married and then get divorced, why should I give her maintenance ? why not she give me maintenance? If she doesn't work and unable to maintain me then it's ok for her and if I don't work and unable to maintain her why am i going to jail? Is the the kinda equality the feminists seek from us? Pathetic.

  2. Hahaha..Straight from the heart :D

  3. I don't know you and I was just curious and read your blog. I have only two points to make here:

    1. You say,''---- hence it is worthless when a woman asks'' If he can smoke and drink,why can't I?''
    What makes you say ''woman should understand the physiological and biological differences?''-- so you want to say that a man is physiologically and biologically fit to opt for smoking or drinking? Please refer to the articles where it has been proved that men are physiologically and biologically fit to opt for smoking/drinking!!

    2. You say-"Censuses have shown that most women like and enjoy being under men....''

    Please give us the references in which census these data are being published?

    1. I also dont know who you are...but still would like to clarify the queries.

      1. It is never said that smoking and drinking fits men, but since women are physically weaker they are more prone to ailments with regard to smoking & drinking...if you are still doubtful you can ask any doctor nearby.

      2. See being under men is not always put in the literal sense. It is like being under man's security and care. Before naming the census, I would like you to choose 10 women randomly and ask them the will get an idea.

    2. Sorry,you really made me laugh now!!I tried looking for scientific articles where it is said women are biologically weaker. Secondly,why would I go and ask 10 women to get an idea? You referred to you really have any data with you to prove your point ,please tell us that!!

      And FINALLY!!! I understand your frustration and like you frustration of many men like you!! But despite the fact that a lot of women are there in today's society who exploit or try to exploit men, there are still a lot of women and men who are still living a happy life with mutual understanding,sacrifice,love and care for each other. I would look at them and would gather some positiveness and try to spread those positivity around instead of forming a biased opinion for any gender based on some accidents happened in their lives!!

      I wish you all the best for your future!!

    3. If you are saying that you have TRIED, then its a lie...there is ample data available on internet, which substantiate my views, and the article is not biased in any way. It is how the way you look at it. I cant paste the links here on my blog, if you really want the data, either google it or just mail me...I will reply for sure. I really pity you for your narrow way of understanding things, as when the article deals with a lot more, you are still lingering on Census and Weakness. That makes me laugh and smirk. Before you comment or laugh at things, be truthful to yourself, at least takes some time to think. Don't get over frustrated to hear truth, because your frustration won't erase it. Grow up your thoughts, act a bit matured. I hope you of luck for your future too.


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